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My first psychedelic experience took place the summer before leaving for college. I smoked a large amount of 20x salvia extract and consequently underwent an extremely sudden and overwhelming ego death, for which I was completely unprepared. The experience was thoroughly disorienting and left me with many questions and few answers, if any at all. I felt it would be worthwhile to write about the experience, as it remains the most challenging and intense experience I’ve had to date, and one which broadened my horizons and continues to influence my interests and studies.

Read the trip report here! Afterward, you should check out this short interview where I spoke briefly with The Link’s Mathieu D’Amours about salvia and my experience.

In other news, you might have noticed the awesome new Turning Inward logo at the top of this post, courtesy of Sam Jones! He also did an excellent job of illustrating my salvia trip:

illustration by Sam Jones

Illustration: Sam Jones