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A Psychedelic Renaissance

psychedelic renaissance Madeleine Gendreau

illustration: Madeleine Gendreau

Today I published my first article in The Link! Titled “A Psychedelic Renaissance,” it goes over the need for people to become more educated about the drugs that surround them:

The word “drug” itself often keeps us from developing a more nuanced understanding of these substances. This is a term that places cannabis, heroin and MDMA into the same category, despite their radically different effects and harm profiles.

In political dialogue, the term “drugs” is Orwellian; it’s a scare-tactic word that lumps the good with the bad and the ugly.

. . .

The mindset regarding drugs is similar to sex: if we’re not well-informed, the first thing to do is educate ourselves in order to sort the facts from the stigma and sensational preconceived notions—and to ensure our safety.

Seek out information on substances that you’re curious about; ask friends that have experience with these substances, or spend some time reading the endless trip reports that exist on sites like Erowid to get a better idea of what the subjective experience is like on a particular substance.

The article also gives a brief overview of some exciting recent and ongoing psychedelic research. To check it out, click here!

Mars-1 “Strange Cargo”

Another striking piece by Mars-1.

Mars-1 “Unlock”

Beautiful and highly imaginative work by the talented Mars-1.


Dock Ellis’ psychedelic no-hitter

In 1970, Dock Ellis, pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates, accomplished what is unquestionably the dream of pitchers everywhere when he threw a no-hitter in a Major League baseball game.

Pitching a no-hitter is a hell of an accomplishment on its own, but what’s unique about Ellis is that he managed to do so while under the influence of LSD. Most times, we hear of people getting inspired on psychedelics and acting on their vision in the time that follows, but Ellis stands as a unique example of a feat being accomplished during the psychedelic state itself.

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